Q & A

People always have the most interesting and thought-provoking questions about Brainclaw. Ask your questions in the Comments section below, and we will do our very best to answer them.

  • Dear Brainclaw, how do you make your music? What gear do you use? “All info about Studio Auroviral can be found on the STUDIO PAGE of this website.”
  • Dear Brainclaw, how did you guys get your wacky name? “Well, it was back when David was attending Ithaca College. His friend, Janette Holdorf, was making spaghetti one night, and she took the pasta stirrer out of the boiling pot and waved it at David, saying something like, ‘Don’t make me hit you with the Brain Claw!’ Well, it struck David like a bolt of lightning that this would be the perfect name for his nascent electronic music project, and it was born right then. Thanks, Janette!”
  • Dear Brainclaw, how did you first get into electronic music? “David remembers this date very well, since it shaped his entire future. He was watching Saturday Night Live on February 16th, 1980, and the musical guest was an English man with a ton of Polymoog synthesizers, a drummer and some guitar players. He had no idea who this guy was, but the music was haunting and alien, and he had never heard anything like it. Turns out it was Gary Numan! David then began saving for his first synthesizer, and the rest is history…”

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