…stay tuned, Clawlings.



So it begins…


I never thought I would be sitting here watching the beginning of the end. The majority of Americans appear to have been lulled into a state of apathetic non-action, and now believe everything that is being spoon-fed to them. I stand here in disbelief as my precious rights continue to erodeā€¦

The very things Brainclaw strives to illustrate with its songs are happening. I will quote myself: “Take your power back!” The events of 2012 and 2013 can and WILL generate an entire new album, as long as I am still around to compose it. I have no more words to express my disbelief and disappointment.

Please open your eyes and find out the facts. I am always available to speak to if people want straight facts, especially on firearms and their capabilities.

Open plea to the media: It is called a MAGAZINE, not a “clip.” At least get your terms straight, if not your portrayal of the truth.

– David of Brainclaw

It begins again…

Welcome to the official BRAINCLAW website, version 5.0 BETA, where you will eventually be able to access all official information on the electro-industrial music project called BRAINCLAW. Please stay tuned for details as the site is fleshed out, and new content is added. We look forward to finally bringing you all the much delayed, but long-awaited release of the new album, DECEPTOR. It has been six tumultuous years since the release of the last album, Dead Monsters.

The Claw have been through some desperate and unusual times, often trying and discouraging, but THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD, and we are going to do just that. The DECEPTOR album is nearly ready to see the light of day. Stay tuned…